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50mm XT Series Commercial padlock

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50mm XT Series Commercial padlock

Brink’s Commercial XT Laminated Steel Padlock features a 50mm body and a Boron steel shackle for superior cut resistance. The padlock is designed with a five-pin cylinder to increase pick and pry resistance and dual stainless-steel locking mechanism for added security. A form-fitted plastic top and bottom bumper completes the look, offering protection from marring. With a consumer preferred powder coated finish, the padlock can withstand the harshest conditions. The padlock is best used to secure storage units, chains, trailers, gates, and utility boxes. As a global leader in security-related products and services, the Brink's name is synonymous with top quality merchandise, ‘A Trusted Name in Security since 1859’ ™.

Cut Strength:

11000 lbs
Security Level