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Brink’s 44mm XT Weather Resistant Laminated Steel Padlock

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Brink’s 44mm XT Weather Resistant Laminated Steel Padlock

Brink’s Commercial Weather Resistant XT Plus Padlock features a laminated steel 44mm body and a semi-matte Boron steel shackle. The padlock is equipped with a 4-pin tumbler cylinder, dual stainless-steel locking bar for increased pick and pry resistance and a key cylinder cover to keep dirt and grime out for long lasting performance. A full body, TPE elastomeric bumper completes the look with an enhanced weather resistant lock body cover to provide protection against the elements. The padlock can be use indoors or outdoors. With its superior corrosion resistance, it is perfect for use in any wet climate and the harshest environments. The padlock is ideal to secure doors, gates, sheds, trailers, storages, chains and other items subjected to the elements. As a global leader in security-related products and services, the Brink's name is synonymous with top quality merchandise, ‘A Trusted Name in Security since 1859’ ™.

Cut Strength:

9700 lbs