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Brink's 5/8" x 7' Commercial Braided Steel Open Looped End Cable

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Brink's 5/8" x 7' Commercial Braided Steel Open Looped End Cable

Secure your bicycle and valuables with the Brink's 5/8” x 7’ Open Looped Cable. The cable is designed with braided flexible steel to provide maximum strength and cut resistance. While the heavy-duty protective vinyl coating prevents scratching and marring of your personal items. The cable measures 7-feet long and 5/8” in diameter with looped ends which are great to use with padlocks, disc-locks, and u-locks. This cable is compatible with any of our Brink's 1-1/2" or higher shackle padlocks. The cable is lightweight, compact and self-coils, making transportation and storage easy and convenient. The Brink's Open Looped Cable is durable and versatile. It is ideal for bicycles, sports equipment, gates, fences, toolboxes, sheds, storage containers, outdoor furniture, grills and much more. As a global leader in security-related products and services, the Brink's name is synonymous with top quality merchandise, ‘A Trusted Name in Security since 1859’ ™.

Cut Strength:

5000 lbs